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I've known WEZR during Festikite 2015.

WEZR was the only one to provide right forecasts during the contest.


Mother of Stan, beta tester and pro rider. 

A speed record can't be improvised.

You must exactly know wind evolution to be ready at any time.

Alex Caizergues

Kitesurf speed world champion, Speed Recordman

Weather forecasts, wind and waves take a big place in my life. It's extremely important to know where and when to go to train.

I believe that with WEZR, together, we can let forecasts be more accurate and reliable.

Youri Zoon

Freestyle World Champion

I need the best weather forecasts as possible to know when and where to go, and train with best conditions.

Val Garat

Freestyle French Champion 2017

We must too often guess which spot will give the best ; and there's a part of chance.

Get a reliable forecast let me choose de right spot and avoid driving to bad places and loose time. This is a critical point for me.

Seb Garat 

2x Freestyle World Champion

4x Freestyle French Champion

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